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It’s becoming increasingly difficult for fighters who are up and coming to find fights. This goes for fighters of all genders. This is a problem that we are uniquely positioned at Beltchecker to solve. And actually, we have done just that.

If you train BJJ and want to have a superfight, then we have just the system for you. The only thing you need to do to make yourself available in the Beltchecker Super Fight Directory is update your profile to say that you want Super Fights and you’ll be added to our Super Fight Directory.

How To Add Yourself

To become a part of the directory, just edit your profile and look for the “Superfight Status” section. Click on that and make sure all the relevant fields are filled out.

What Does It All Mean

  1. Status (Yes/No) Do you want to be included in the list of fighters available for super fights.
  2. Gi / Nogi Do you want to be included in search results for Gi, Nogi or both?
  3. Weight What is the minimum and maximum weight you are comfortable fighting at? This value is in kilograms.
  4. Acceptable Pay How much are you willing to accept as pay for your fight? The options and the explanations are below.
    1. Free – You are willing to be included in shows that don’t pay at all.
    2. Don’t Know – You haven’t decided what your number is, but you still want to be considered for all Super Fights
    3. Prefer Not To Say – You know what your minimum is, but you want to keep it to yourself.
    4. Cover Travel Costs – You’ll fight for almost free, as long as your travel costs are covered.
    5. Less than USD$500 – You are willing to fight for less than USD $500, but it must be a paid fight.
    6. Between USD$500 and USD$1000 – You are willing to fight for between USD$500 and USD $1000 as a minimum, but would obviously be willing to accept more.
    7. More than USD$1000 – You are willing to fight if the fight purse is at least USD$1000.
  5. Advance Notice How much advance notice is necessary in order to be able to fight.
    1. Only Travel Time – You’d be more than happy to fight with just the amount of time it takes you to get to the location.
    2. One Week – You require at least one week’s notice in order to be ready to fight.
    3. Two Weeks – You require at least two week’s notice in order to be ready to fight.
    4. One Month – You require roughly one month’s notice (about 15-30 days) in order to be ready to fight.
    5. More Than One Month – You require at least 30 days, preferably more, in order to be ready to fight.
  6. Willing to Travel How far are you willing to travel in order to fight?
    1. Not at All – You aren’t interested in traveling to fight. You only want to be offered fights very close to where you live. This implies less than 90 minutes travel time.
    2. Only a Few Hours – You are willing to travel, but not very far. You are comfortable traveling less than 5 or so hours to fight.
    3. Within My Country – You are willing to travel anywhere within your country of residence.
    4. Within Continent – You are willing to travel pretty much anywhere on the same continent that you live on.
    5. Worldwide – You are willing to fight anywhere in the world.
    6. Pay Dependent – You are happy to travel, but you are only going to travel depending on the amount of travel cost that is covered and how much the fight purse is.
  7. Contact Email If there is a special email that you use to have you fights booked, please enter is here.

Keep Your Profile Updated

Be sure that your stats on Beltchecker are up to date. This includes things like belt, gender, competition matches (who they were against and when), competition medals, city, state, and country, etc. Do this so the promoters have the most up to date information on you and your location.

You will also only show up in searches if you are verified by Beltchecker. This means that your profile is filled out, your promotion history is filled out, your identity has been confirmed and you have community supported votes.

For The Promoters

We have created a special section that’s useful for promoters accessible here. It’s a search similar to our standard search screen but includes the ability to search by the super fight specific information. You can also find the Promoter Search by clicking on the main menu.

There are some caveats to the way the current search feature works. While it should be relatively intuitive, we should point out a couple of items.

  1. When you search for Gi and Nogi, it will only return fighters that are willing to fight both Gi AND NoGi.
  2. Belts are exact searches. You can’t (yet) search for purple and above, only for exactly a belt. This doesn’t include stripes except for Black belt. Searching belt ranges will come in the future.
  3. When you search for a weight (in kg/kilograms), it will pull back all fighters who have a minimum weight below what you searched for and a maximum weight above what you searched for.
  4. Using the Search String (at the top) will search many things including: City, State, Country, Affiliation, Gym Name, Nickname, etc.
  5. Only people who have specifically marked themselves as wanting to be found will show up in this search.

Get The Word Out

This directory will only be successful if people participate. So please get the word out. Share this around and ensure that people who want to fight are included in this directory.

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