A Place For BJJ Events

If you are anything like the rest of us, you are constantly wondering when the next BJJ event is. It could be a tournament. It could be a camp. It could be a seminar. It could just be a dream where you actually perform at your best.

Other than that last one, we at Beltchecker have you covered. We’ve recently added a new feature that will allow you to see what BJJ events are going on near you (or not near you if you like to travel).

It’s still in the early stages but we think it can already be pretty useful. Obviously we want to avoid it turning into Facebook’s events section, where there are a million things posted, tons of half-empty stuff and it’s such a mess that nobody ever looks at them. So we have a few things to try and keep the content high quality and focused.

  • Only fully verified profiles can create an event and they will be listed on the event page.
  • An event must be properly filled out (image, information etc.) before it can be published
  • Users can set their RVSP on an event and participating users are listed
  • Events you are attending will be shown directly on your profile
  • All users can give event posts a thumbs up or thumbs down. This score—combined with how many participants are confirmed—will determine how visible the event will be on the site. An event with a high score will be listed higher, whereas one with a low score (or lower trust rating) will be almost invisible.
  • Each events automatically gets its own forum that is only accessible by it’s confirmed participants
  • Shortcut URLs are supported for each event

You can list, search for, or create an event by clicking Events in the main menu (https://beltchecker.com/events.php).

You can see a sample event on www.beltchecker.com/event/zencamp2020

Feel free to add some events if you’re hosting anything or even just events that you know are happening.