Adding Custom Links to your Profile

We know lots of you have your own athlete pages or even your own website. So we wanted to make sure that you can feature more than just your social media links. Now there is a place to add sites that showcase you and your martial arts journey.

Custom Links

To update your list of custom links, just edit your profile and click on the Links section. You can add anything from your sponsors, more social media, a site your video library, or whatever you see fit to showcase who you are as a martial artist.

Link Location

Once you’ve added a new link, it will show up in your profile right next to your social channels. We’re going to keep adding features to help you improve your presence on the Beltchecker sites and show the world the martial artist that you are. If you have any ideas, let us know.

Beginning to Bring the Family Together

We’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes lately on the entire family of sites. One of the things that we know is important for martial artists to be able to show off their entire catalog of skills. So as we continue to add Beltchecker sites (Judo, Jiujitsu, Luta Livre, etc), we have added the ability to share profiles between sites.

All Profiles in One Place

Our faithful webmaster is a bit a of a ninja as you can see. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t one too. As we continue to add more sites, you can continue to show off your prowess.

If you are practicing more than one discipline, just register for each site of a discipline that you practice. Make sure you get verified. Then, on each site, edit your profile, navigate to the section called, “Social media & other sites” and add the link to your profile(s) in the correct box. This profile link should look something like:

Edit Profile => Social media and other sites

Keep checking back with us as we continue to build out the network of sites. We’ll keep adding features to help you showcase the great (or even just on your way to greatness) martial artist that you really are.

User Short URLs

Have you ever wanted your own short URL to jiujitsu profile. We have too. So we built it.

Now it’s possible for users and academies to claim shortcut URLs. For example, my original profile link is Now my profile link can just be

These shortcuts are available on a first come, first served basis. Get them while they are hot.